Hello every one!

Hope today is finding you all happy, healthy, and safe. Every day we wake up is a new chance that God has given us, and that in itself is reason enough to praise Him. :)

OK, so we're nearing the point when we will begin our first official "Craft of the Week"... I am so excited! Only, none of you have voted yet to let me know which craft you'd like to do first.

So I'm going to try again with the crafts, and hopefully you'll pick one, or else we'll just go with the one I pick. LOL- YOU have a choice! Use it :).

Here are the choices: A completely upcycled greeting card made from items around the house? A fun and easy, yet super-gratifying Sculpey project? How about a drawing tutorial? The possibilities are virtually endless!

All you have to do is comment on this blog post and let me know which one you'd prefer to do first, and the one with the most votes, that's the one we'll do!

OK, so every one have a great day, and we'll check in soon with the first craft! I can't wait!!! :)


Cool blog! I'd love to see a drawing tutorial!

I would also like a drawing tutorial.

I love this new blog :)

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I'd love to see the upcycled greeting card made from items around the house! You're very talented!!
Joy from JoyfulHandKnits.etsy.com

Managed to post at last!
All your suggestions sound good so I would look forward to them all. Also how about showing us how to make those hairclips?

Love Julie
Silk & Style

sounds fun to me----