Hello every one!

Welcome to Alocraft, a new blog I've started that will feature a new craft for YOU all to do, each and every week!

The DIY craft of the week will come complete with detailed instructions, alternative methods than the ones I've shown, photos, etc. Best of all, it will be so much fun to make these great crafts, which you can then use in your own home, give as gifts, whatever your heart fancies! And if you send me pics of your completed works of art, I'll gladly post them here for us all to enjoy!

OK so the first order of business is... I need followers! LOL... anyone and every one who is interested in participating or simply seeing how this blog comes along, click the follow button on the navigation bar at the top of this blog. It's as easy as that!

And now for the second order of business... what would YOU like the first craft to be? A completely upcycled greeting card made from items around the house? A fun and easy, yet super-gratifying Sculpey project? How about a drawing tutorial? The possibilities are virtually endless!

Post right here the first project you'd like to do, and the most suggested one will be our first!

OH, and there are already several other crafters lined up to do weekly guest sessions with crafts of their own for us all to do... this is going to be great!

OK, now the ball is in YOUR court... come follow, join in the fun, and let's have a blast!!!


Come on guys... it's all up to you! What do you want the first craft to be?

I vote sculpey. :)